Templates – Getting started

Templates are collections of items (price items and text items). They'll save you lots of time when creating new quotes and they'll help to maintain consistency by having your ideal quote all laid out.

Only administrators can manage templates.


Templates items – are linked to templates

The beauty of templates is that all items are linked items. If you make changes to a template item, those changes will be reflected on all templates where that item appears. e.g. say you need to make changes to your payment terms, and it's the same text item that's used on 5 templates, you'll only need to change the 1 item and you're done.

This is a powerful feature of templates, but also something to be aware of.  So, just to reiterate:
Any changes made to a template item – will be reflected on all templates.

 Also, see Editing items.


Create a new template

To create a template from scratch, see the 'Templates' section and hit the 'New template' button.

When editing a template you can:

  • Create new items on the fly (these become 'linked' template items once saved).
  • Lookup existing items and add them to the template.
  • Apply an overall quote discount.
  • Change a few defaults for a quote, such as currency and amounts entered.
  • Copy a template, into a new template.


Copy a quote into a template

A great way to create a template is to start with a copy of a battle-tested existing quote.

Find the quote you wish to create a template from, hit ‘Actions’ and select ‘Copy to template’, scroll down and hit 'Save'.

You can find all items from your template in the ‘Templates & Items’ section.  This means you'll also have these items at your fingertips via autocomplete when adding new items to a new quote.

An important thing to note: When copying to a template, 'item codes' win. If an existing template item is found with a matching item code, then the existing template item will be used (item codes are a unique identifier, so we can't create two slightly different template items with the same item code).


Create a new quote using a template

From the Dashboard, select one of your pre-defined templates from the drop-down.

Everything is all laid out... text, prices and optional items. Add a contact, populate any smart tags and continue to send the quote as you normally would – it's that simple!


Set a default

To set a default template for new quotes:

  • Find the template you want as the default, and edit it.
  • Hit 'Actions' and select 'Make default'.


Template content

Get inspired with these quote examples for ways to structure your template content. Feel free to copy, re-use and re-appropriate any of the text in your own templates.


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