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Use MailChimp to keep in touch with your Quotient customers, and even your potential customers, by automatically copying contacts into MailChimp every time a Quotient quote is sent – simply set and forget!

To help you get started, when first connected, a one-off import of your current Quotient contacts are imported into MailChimp.


How to setup the MailChimp integration

  1. Go to Integrations (under Settings).
  2. Hit the MailChimp logo.
  3. Hit 'Connect'.
  4. Log in to MailChimp (Connect Quotient to your account). You will now be re-directed back to Quotient.
  5. Choose a MailChimp list* and hit ‘Import and Enable’.
  6. You’re now connected.

* Before setting up the integration, you might like to think about which MailChimp list you would like your contacts copied to. If you would like a separate list for your Quotient contacts then you will need to create this in MailChimp first.


What happens next

There’s nothing else you need to do. All current Quotient contacts will be copied into your selected MailChimp list, as a one-off import.

And in the future, whenever you send a new quote, the contact(s) on the quote will be copied to MailChimp.

Don’t worry about double-ups, if a contact already exists in MailChimp (matched by the email address) it will be ignored and not copied to MailChimp.


Find out more about MailChimp.

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