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Quotient integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online. You can lookup your QuickBooks customers and QuickBooks products/services when creating quotes. These are real-time lookups, meaning they work seamlessly alongside Quotient’s own powerful contacts and template items.

Best of all, once a quote has been accepted, an invoice can be created automatically in QuickBooks.


How to setup the QuickBooks integration

  1. Go to Integrations (under Settings).
  2. Hit the QuickBooks logo.
  3. Hit 'Connect'.
  4. Sign in to Intuit (QuickBooks), select which company you’d like Quotient to access and hit ‘Authorize’. You’ll be re-directed back to Quotient.
  5. Now you'll need to enable some services, read on...


QuickBooks invoices

An 'open' invoice can be created in QuickBooks from an accepted quote:

  • automatically when the quote is accepted
  • automatically when the quote is archived (this is the default) ...or...
  • manually using the 'Create invoice' button

How to enable QuickBooks invoices

  1. Under 'Create invoices' hit ‘Enable’.
  2. Confirm when accepted quotes are sent to QuickBooks, the invoice terms (invoice due date) and what's included on the invoices, hit 'Save, next: Match Detail'.
  3. Match your QuickBooks categories and tax rates to those which are in Quotient using the appropriate drop-downs, hit ‘Save’.

In Quotient there is a "No tax" rate, which will need to be matched to any tax rate in QuickBooks.

Displayed on the invoice is the quote title, customer order/reference number, a permanent link back to your quote for easy future reference, all accepted line items including price, quantity and title. There's also the option to include the long description text on the invoice.

Contacts are sent to QuickBooks when an invoice is created. If a customer already exists in QuickBooks, Quotient will NOT replace or update the customer or relevant customer information. Contacts are matched by customer display name. 


QuickBooks customers – include in lookup results

When adding contacts to quotes you can include your QuickBooks customers in lookup results. QuickBooks customers are indicated with a logo  in results.

Once you select a QuickBooks customer it will be saved (copied) into Quotient contacts (only a persons name, email and company name are saved).

How to enable QuickBooks customer lookups

  1. Under 'Lookup customers' hit ‘Enable’.
  2. Your QuickBooks customers will now appear in the lookup results.

Required fields

QuickBooks customers must have these fields populated to be included in the lookup results:

  • First name
  • Email


QuickBooks products/services – include in lookup results

When adding price items to quotes you can include QuickBooks products/services in lookup results. QuickBooks products/services are indicated with a logo  in results.

How to enable QuickBooks products/services lookups

  1. Under 'Lookup products/services' hit ‘Enable’.
  2. Your QuickBooks products/services will now appear in the lookup results.

Quotient does not create or update QuickBooks products/services.

Field matches (for lookups):

From QuickBooks

To Quotient


Item code


Product or service heading

Sales information

Long description


Find out more about QuickBooks Online.

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