Following up Quotes

To get your customer “over the line” and accepting that Quote you may need to give them a gentle nudge by following them up. Don’t be shy, they’re probably just busy.

Your Quotient Dashboard will automatically alert you to any Quotes that need following up, at just the right time.

There are different rules of engagement for when to follow up Quotes, depending on how many days old they are. And there’s a default email message ready to send for each occasion:

  • If not accepted after 3 days OR if unopened after 12 hours.
  • If not accepted after 14 days.

Default Settings

Change the default wording for the Follow-up email messages in Settings > Customer Emails.

Set the frequency for the follow-up alerts in Settings > Follow-ups.


Sending Follow-ups

Follow-up emails are never sent automatically. They are only sent when a Quote Author hits the ‘Send Follow-up’ button.

The Follow-up can be dismissed (if you've already followed up via other means) by hitting the ‘Dismiss’ button. This removes it from your list of Quotes to follow up.

Follow up any Quote, at any time

A Follow-up can also be initiated and sent at any time by clicking into the Quote, hitting 'Actions' and selecting 'Send Follow-up'. You get the chance to preview the message before sending.

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