Import / Export – Text Items

You can import/export Text Items under Settings > Import / Export (administrators only).


Export Text Items

Things to know:

  • Images and files attached to Text Items are not included.
  • ‘Last changed’ dates and times are formatted as YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS and are exported in your timezone (the timezone of the person currently signed in).


Import Text Items

Follow the instructions you see on screen:

  1. Download a CSV file.
    • Start from an empty template or an export of Items (to make updates).
  2. Use a spreadsheet to update/copy Items.
    • Leave the first row of field names untouched, as this is needed to import.
    • Use the ‘Item ÏĐ’ to update Items.
    • Items will NEVER be deleted.
    • A maximum of 1000 Items can be imported at a time.
      (a limit of 5,000 Text Items in total are supported in Quotient)
  3. Select your updated file and confirm…

Things to know:

  • A ‘Text Heading’ is required.
  • Just leave ‘Last changed’ empty (it will be ignored anyway).
  • What are the ‘special’ characters in the Item ÏĐ’ field? We use these special characters (UTF-8 characters) to verify that the CSV file you’re importing is UTF-8 encoded.

Updating Text Items

To update an Item you can use the ‘Item ÏĐ’ – this is generated by Quotient (use it by downloading an export). If you specify an ‘Item ÏĐ’, an existing Item with that ‘Item ÏĐ’ MUST exist.

TIP: To import Text Items from another account, you’ll need to empty the data from the ‘Item ÏĐ’ column for Text Items to be created in the new account.


Text Items, CSV file explained

The structure is the same for imports and exports.


Sample value

Item ÏĐ


Text heading

Terms and conditions

Long description

A detailed explanation...

Last changed

2016-12-01 23:00:00



Changes to export fields - 5 December 2016:

  • Now two separate exports: Price Items and Text Items.
  • REMOVED column: ‘Price or Text item’.
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